RWAC and The Fergus Falls Funtastics

On August 3rd, 2015, the RWAC and The Fergus Falls Funtastics Theatre Troupe brought their sold-out show to Alexandria for a one-night-only presentation. What a wonderful production!

The Fergus Falls Funtastic Theatre Troupe brought their ‘Good Old Fashioned Western Melodrama’ to The Lawn for a one-night only presentation. They certainly brought the drama to the Showmobile stage! Thanks to all who came to help cheer the hero and boo the villain!

Medicine show to open up…El J Arntson peddling his potions and elixirs. His pills and powders really work! By his own admission, he used to suffer from Anorexia! — at Douglas County Courthouse.

Rick Schara joined him as ‘The Old Trapper’. What a character! — at Douglas County Courthouse.

Working the crowd with a song! Their lovely accompanist on piano was Jennifer Kaminski-Horak. Also special thanks to Ryan Saurer who covered the sound. Well done to ‘Behind the Scenes’ folks! — at Douglas County Courthouse.

Aunt Aggie (Jess Schmidt) being threatened by the new rabble rouser in the neighborhood (Mr Filch in disguise).

Miss Amy Lovely (Danelle Hubert) showing her gratitude to Hoot Galoot (Connor Murphy) for saving her from harm.

Morganna Snit (Laura Johnson) conspiring with Fillmore Filch (Mykensey Watchhorn) to take over the Lovely Inn and Ranch. Not if Aunt Aggie can help it!

Morganna and Mr Filch celebrating their apparent victory.

Morganna and Mr Filch celebrating their apparent victory. — at Douglas County Courthouse.