Blonde and the Bohunk concert June 2, 2016

Tonight was yet ANOTHER gorgeous evening on The Lawn for The Blonde and the Bohunk, sponsored by Joan Lindquist!

Thanks to Joan Lindquist for sponsoring tonight’s entertainment, Blonde and the Bohunk!

They brought the whole band and played all of our favorites!

Plenty of folks enjoying tonight’s music on The Lawn.

Brian (Bohunk), Sara (Blonde), Dale (Drums), Scott (Guitar), Ray (Bass) What beautiful sounds they made tonight!

What a crowd! Thank you ALL for coming tonight! Hope to see you all again next week!

Who could resist tapping toes and clapping hands! I even danced a little during the Dukes of Hazzard theme!

Thanks to Blonde and the Bohunk for your fantastic music tonight, thanks to Joan Lindquist for her sponsorship, and thanks to all the fine folks who gathered on The Lawn again this Thursday!